Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Cron Jobs (Automated Processes)

Cron is a unix, solaris utility that allows tasks to be automatically run in the background at regular intervals by the cron daemon. Cron job is an automated process that operates at

How to hide the PHP version to remote requests

In order to prevent PHP from exposing the fact that it is installed on the server, by adding to the web server header we need to locate in php.ini the variable expose_php

Linux Boot Sequence

The process of booting a Linux system consists of a number of stages as follows 1) BIOS 2) Master Boot Record (MBR) 3) LILO or GRUB 4) Kernel 5) init 6) Run

CSF (configserver) firewall

How to install and configure the CSF (configserver) firewall. CSF can be used on a wide range of Linux systems, including those running cPanel. Following are the steps to install and configure

How to get and restore database backup on linux server

For taking backup of your database on Linux Server you have to make sure that your database is good enough. with shell access you can take the database backup in .sql format