Daily Archives: February 2, 2009

Solving outlook express errors

Sometimes we get some errors while using outlook express but we can’t understand what they mean and what could be the solution for that. Here’s the usual errors codes with their solutions:

Remotely Access MySQL Database

The following article explains how to access your MySQL database remotely. 1)Go to Cpanel >> MySQL Databases >> Access Hosts: >> Add IP of the machine from which you want to access

How to set the mysql database backup cronjob ?

CRON Cron is a linux utility that schedules a command (or commands) to be executed periodically at certain times. They can perform user-defined tasks such as backing up databases, scheduling mailing lists,

Horde session handler error

If you are getting horde session handler error, then please check if horde db is present on server or not. You can check it with #mysqlshow |grep horde It should give you

Default Mysql my.cnf configuration file

If you are not aware of my.cnf files configuration and want to use mysql server to optimize your database usage then replace this configuration file. [mysqld] socket = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock safe-show-database old-password=1 max_connections=500