Converting from Ext2 to Ext 3

The conversion procedure is simple enough. Imagine /dev/hda10 mounted as /test – the procedure would be as follows:

* Log in as root

* Make sure /etc/fstab has /dev/hda10 mounted to /test as ext2, read write

* umount /dev/hda10

If you can’t unmount it, then remount it read only (mount -o

remount,ro /dev/hda10)

* tune2fs -j /dev/hda10

* Edit /etc/fstab, and for /dev/hda10, change ext2 to ext3

* mount /dev/hda10

* /sbin/shutdown -h now

* mount | grep /dev/hda10

If it’s not shown as ext3, reboot, if still not, troubleshoot

Otherwise, you’re done.