Monthly Archives: February 2009

MailWatch Error in WHM

Error: Error executing query: Table ‘maillog’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed Fix: You may need to drop the mailscanner database and recreate it. Steps: mysql -e “drop database

Global whitelist

You can globally whitelist an email account or a domain for all the users on the server by simply adding the entries for those email account or domain in the file /etc/mail/spamassassin/

Disable SMTP for a domain in cPanel

There is no option to disable only SMTP. However, you can able to disable the SMTP and pop in account settings. WHM >> Main >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account Set

Information about a domain newly added to cPanel

Whenever new domains added through cpanel, the information about this domain will be located in the following files. /etc/localdomains /etc/userdomains /etc/trueuserdomains /etc/vfilters etc/valiases etc. The configurations files will be store in /var/cpanel/users/usersname.

Important openVZ commands

Following are some important commands which are normally used while working on a Hardware Node. 1) vzlist -a : Shows list of all the VPS’s hosted on the Node. 2) vzctl start