Rvskin giving error on cPanel server

For some reason when upcp completed on cPanel server rvskin started giving errors like below:

main::cpanel_parse(‘GLOB(0x9c3af58)’) called at cpanel.pl line 2912
main::doinclude(‘rvbranding/indexheader.html’, 2) called at cpanel.pl line 1673
main::exectag(‘<cpanel relinclude=”rvbranding/indexheader.html”>’) called at cpanel.pl line 4797
main::dotag(undef) called at cpanel.pl line 4664


To get this fixed do the following:

root# mkdir /root/rvadmin

root# cd /root/rvadmin

root# rm -f rvauto.tar.bz2

root# wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/download.php/


root# tar -xvjf rvauto.tar.bz2

root# perl /root/rvadmin/auto_rvskin.pl

Try it :)