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Transfer accounts to a new server without downtime

The following doc will help you to transfer accounts to a new server 1. Sign up for any web hosting package before cancelling your old web hosting account. 2. Download your entire

Preventing Spam with antivirus.exim

Hey, Check the follwoing URL’s , It will give you a good tutoial for preventing spam with anitvirus.exim

mod dosevasive – install and configure

This module is very useful in combating certain DOS (denial of serivce) attacks, and is easy to implement. The following steps will help you to install mod dosevasive. 1.    Download the newest

Options in httpd.conf

ServerType standalone : The option ServerType specifies how Apache should run on the system. You can run it from the super-server inetd, or as standalone daemon. It’s highly recommended to run Apache