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How to Install Suhosin. Cpanel Plesk Direct Admin

What is Suhosin? Suhosin is a protective covering for PHP. Lets move with ordered steps. There are 2 separate versions on Suhosin. Both of them can be run together or separately. First

Install PHP-MemCache Module On CentOS 5.0/RHEL

wget tar -zxf memcache-2.1.2.tgz cd memcache-2.1.2 phpize && ./configure –enable-memcache make make install This should create in your extenstion directory (/usr/lib/php/modules) If it is not done copy the file

Create a swap space

For 1 gb Execute the command below. ========================= dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile1 bs=1024 count=1048576 ========================= ========================= /sbin/mkswap -c -v1 /swapfile1 ========================= ========================= /sbin/swapon /swapfile1 ========================= Edit the file /etc/fstab Add the line below.

Install subversion on cPanel VPS with autostart script on reboot

To install subverion on CentOS, do the following things # yum install subversion Make sure if “perl-URI” is installed or not. If its not there you can install it using # yum install

List of Commands for the Run Microsoft Windows

These are GUI applications that can be opened from the run line. These applications are not located in the C:windowssystem32 directory; the keys for these applications are located in the registry under: