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Setup – Fetch Mail accounts in Horde

You may want to create folders within Horde for each Fetch Mail account. This way, you can have Fetched email delivered to separate folders for organization. Login to Horde. Click MAIL on

Set auto-logout time for SSH sessions

You can use the variable TMOUT for auto-logout time. Also this can set in bash_profile or bashrc file. TMOUT=1800 ( For 30 minute idle time)

Howto check and install missing perl modules

Check if module is installed. Errors mean missing module. # perl -MModule::Name -e 1 See documentation of the module if installed. # perldoc Module::Name Open CPAN shell: # perl -MCPAN -e shell

My Site was Hacked, What Do I Do?

The security of your hosting space is a two-fold responsibility. Webhost, has a responsibility to ensure that all server-side software is up to date and has all necessary security patches applied. Technical

Securing your Joomla website against Hacking

Security is a growing concern with all of the hackers and script kiddies waiting to do bad things to your site. There are ways to improve the security of your blog so