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How to recover deleted apache access log

If you accidentally deleted the apache access log, we can recover before you restart the httpd server.. Steps: First check the pid of the apache service by using the following command [root@proxy

Shutting down interface eth1: Error: Device ‘eth1′ NetworkManager/Devices/1 disconnecting failed: This device is not active

On Centos 6.2, while restarting the network service, I got the following error, # service network restart Shutting down interface eth0:  Device state: 3 (disconnected) [  OK  ] Shutting down interface eth1: 

Clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered ( NFS issue)

Recently I was cofigurating on NFS server for my college, I got the following error when I try to mount the share. [root@backup ~]# mount -t nfs test/ mount: mount to